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Dental Bridges

This is a permanently attached prosthetic appliance, which replaces missing teeth. When placing a bridge the dentist will need to use the teeth on either side of the space to hold it in place. A bridge is therefore a false tooth which is attached to a crown on each of the neighbouring teeth. These teeth will need to be shaped to fit the bridge. In those cases where these neighbouring teeth already have large fillings a bridge is a good option as it can be used to strengthen these teeth and replace the missing tooth. If this is not the case then we may prefer to look at other options which are less invasive. Once the teeth have been shaped the dentist will take a mould so that the dental lab can manufacture the bridge.

While we are waiting for this a temporary bridge will be placed for a few days. There are again different types of bridges all of which will match the neighbouring teeth in colour. Although dental implants have become a more favorable method for replacing missing teeth, bridges are more affordable and in some cases may be the only option. On your return appointment the bridge will be fitted with permanent cement.


White fillings
These are resin / composite bonded fillings, which
can be perfectly matched to the colour of the tooth
Metal fillings
These are fillings made of a metal alloy, which are mixed
with a small quantity of mercury.
Dental Crowns
When part of the tooth has broken off, or if there is an
remely large old filling, a crown (cap) will be needed to strengthen the tooth.
Root Canal Treatment
This involves removal of an infected or dead nerve from
the root canal of a tooth in order to treat a dental abscess
Tooth Whitening
This is another method of tooth whitening where the dentist
will take impressions of both your upper and lower teeth.
Porcelain Veneers
This is a porcelain cover, which is stuck onto the front surface of the tooth.
Porcelain Veneers
This is a porcelain cover, which is stuck onto the front surface of the tooth.
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Teeth Straightening
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