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Dental Implants

This is the most recent method of replacing missing teeth and it is the closest thing you can get to ones own natural teeth. Unlike many other dental restorations, an implant is an independent unit and does not depend on any of your other teeth for support. Implants are a very predictable (95-98% success rate) method of replacing missing teeth and they have an excellent long term prognosis. They will improve both function and appearance and restore you confidence for life.

Unfortunately the placement depends on the quality and quantity of the bone in the area of placement. The specialist will take x-rays and examine the area to determine whether it can be done. In certain cases he may need to place new bone in the area (bone augmentation) before the implant can be placed. It is possible in some cases to place the Implant immediately after extracting the defective tooth. In other instances we may need to wait a couple of months before placing the implant thus allowing enough time for the bone to heal.

After the Titanium Implant screw has been inserted into the jaw we will normally wait a few months for Osteointergration to occur. This is the process whereby the bone "fuses" to the implant. Once this has happened we can screw a crown (cap) onto the top of the Implant. The time taken to complete an Implant therefore ranges from a couple of months to as long as six months. Implants allow us to restore your mouth back to its original state thus giving you a second chance. They can be an alone standing unit or as part of an Implant bridge.


White fillings
These are resin / composite bonded fillings, which
can be perfectly matched to the colour of the tooth
Metal fillings
These are fillings made of a metal alloy, which are mixed
with a small quantity of mercury.
Dental Crowns
When part of the tooth has broken off, or if there is an
remely large old filling, a crown (cap) will be needed to strengthen the tooth.
Root Canal Treatment
This involves removal of an infected or dead nerve from
the root canal of a tooth in order to treat a dental abscess
Tooth Whitening
This is another method of tooth whitening where the dentist
will take impressions of both your upper and lower teeth.
Porcelain Veneers
This is a porcelain cover, which is stuck onto the front surface of the tooth.
Porcelain Veneers
This is a porcelain cover, which is stuck onto the front surface of the tooth.
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Teeth Straightening
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