Hair Loss Treatment In Fulham,  West London

Both men and women can suffer from hair loss. Male pattern baldness is also a serious concern for a large portion of the population. You can combat female and male hair loss in Fulham through our specialised treatments, including non-surgical hair regrowth.

What Does The Treatment Involve?

Fulham Dental Care offers a non-surgical hair loss treatment that combines Mesotherapy and PRP treatments in Fulham, West London. It takes the protein rich platelets from a patient’s own blood and mixes this with a cocktail of conventional and homeopathic nourishing medicines, vitamins, minerals and amino acids. This is then administered via tiny needles using a specialised instrument – the meso-gun.

Another name for Hair loss treatment is Mesotherapy.

What Is Mesotherapy?

As we age the skin gradually loses vitamins, collagen, amino-acids, minerals and hyaluronic acids – all essential components for healthy, young looking skin.

Fulham Dental Care offers professional cosmetic mesotherapy – a non-invasive injection treatment that replaces these naturally-occurring, nourishing substances in layers of the skin where cell repair and growth occurs.

Mesotherapy Skin Aesthetic Treatments Includes:

  • Hair Loss
  • Lipolysis
  • Cellulite and Stretch Marks
  • Mesolift (non-invasive facelift)
  • Mesoglow and skin rejuvenation

Contact us to discuss your options for mesotherapy in Fulham West London.

What Does Mesotherapy Help Treat?

The treatment can target a range of problem areas and improve dull, tired, dry and sagging skin as well as the appearance of superficial wrinkles. Each treatment regimen can be tailored to suit individual needs, body type and metabolism and combines conventional and homeopathic medicines.

Which Conditions Can Mesotherapy Help To Treat?

  • Pigmentation and Melasma
  • Aging spots
  • Acne and Seborrhea
  • Acne scarring
  • Double chin sagging
  • Face and neck sagging


How Does Mesotherapy Work?

Most treatments consist of multiple microinjections using an automatic injection gun or meso-gun. This targets the affected area of the skin and delivers the medicinal cocktail by penetrating the mesoderm layers of the skin.



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Porcelain Veneers
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